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  • Warm, friendly and knowledgeable

    Jim is great. Went there seeking some advice/product on flea treatment for my poor pup and this guy really helped guide us, giving specific direction on how to use the products he had available. Smells like a small shop that's been there a while but warm, friendly and knowledgeable more than makes up for that. Go here and feel the difference in care and knowledge from a big box store.

    Lisa W.

  • Grooming services

    We brought our dog Johnny to park pet after calling to check on their grooming services. He needed his nails trimmed and she took us immediately. We had major issues at pet smart and they were unable to cut his nails. The groomer took him in back and was done in under 10 minutes. She seemed like she really cared about him and making it a good experience for him.

    Jenny T.

  • Pookie

    This place is superb!!!!! I purchased my little pookie here and he is just a little riot! Then we got home i fed him and loved him, I adore pookie.


  • Groomer does a fantastic job!

    My miniature schnauzer Foxy is groomed here and the groomer does a fantastic job! The staff is very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable . I am extremely satisfied with the prices too. My dog is happy when I take her to get groomed. This lets me know that she is not being mistreated. I will definitely continue to patronize them!


  • The staff of Park Pets is really helpful

    The staff of Park Pets is really helpful, always available to answer questions 24 hours, Bridgette and team make you feel like family. La Shaun has compassion for our animals and handles them with care. The service La Shaun gives is 1st Class and can not compare to a chain such as PetsMart.

    Warren Johnson

  • I won't go anywhere else for tank supplies.

    I started going to this store a year ago and the staff is very helpful. I bought both my 55 and 125 gallon saltwater setups here. You won't find better prices anywhere else. The staff goes above and beyond to get things you need for your tanks and fast. I told them I needed a 125 gallon setup, I received it all in two days. I won't go anywhere else for tank supplies.

    Eric herrera

  • You'll love the place!

    Park Pet is the perfect place if you want to purchase a dog. They have an excellent selection of them. Their cages are ALWAYS CLEAN! I purchased two Shih tzu's and I am very happy with my choice. One employee who works there named Bridgette , goes above and way beyond to help you. She knows so much about the animals there and she cares for them. She treats you like you are a family member. I also purchase my dog food there and she always has my bag ready for me when I arrive and carries it to the car for me because of medical problems. They also have a large selection of salt water fish too and keep very clean tanks. Just stop in. You'll love the place !!!

    carrie andrzejewski

  • Gift for parents...

    My husband bought a puppy from you in August for his mom and dad. Lucky is awesome and my in-laws love him like another son. ;)


  • The Best Pet Store Ever!!

    I have been a customer of Park Pet since 1998. I love the service and knowledge of the staff! I would definitely recommend Park Pet to anybody that is looking for a pet.

    Ursula Stewart

  • Education with every visit

    I have been a customer for only about 5 months. I've never received such care and enthusiasm from a pet shop. They truly take pride in the pets and the information that goes along with every one of them. The "Jims" have unlimited knowledge of each of their beloved creatures. "No question is a dumb question" is the response to many of my minds inquisitive inquiries. It's like family. Never feel rushed there. Never feel like my concerns are unimportant. Love this place. My one and only place for pets.

    Laura and Glen Hazzard

  • My Chihuahua Tink

    I was blessed with Tink on 5/7/2011. He is a male Chihuahua and will be 2yrs old on 01/07. I got him from Park Pet Shop. I'm very happy I chose to go there. All the staff is knowledgeable of their animals, professional, and also provide great customer service. He is very healthy, energetic, smart & mild mannered. Tink loves people, children & other dogs. I will definitely return to get Tink a pal. Thanks Park Pet Shop


  • Great store

    My dog was just over 3 mos when we got him. I fell in love with him at first sight.My experience at the store was great. The employees there are always nice and helpful.

    Valerie in Calumet Park